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Pub-Based Papers

  Cognition and Face Decoding: A Bands Frequency Analysis
Michela Balconi, Claudio Lucchiari (Catholic University of Milan, Italy)

  Time Monitoring and Cognitive Control in Children and Adults
Maria-Grazia Carelli, Timo Mäntylä (University of Umeå, Sweden)

  Companion Cognitive Systems: An Overview
Kenneth D. Forbus (Northwestern University, USA)

  Music Cognition: Theory Testing and Model Selection
Henkjan Honing (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  Large-Scale Modeling of Lexical Processes
Christopher T. Kello (George Mason University, USA)

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  The Dynamic Jigsaw: Repeated Explanation Support for Collaborative Learning of Cognitive Science
Naomi Miyake (Chukyo University, Japan)

  Instructional Implications of Natural Information Processing Systems
John Sweller (University of New South Wales, Australia)

  Cooperation and Trust in Group Context
Raimo Tuomela, Maj Tuomela (University of Helsinki, Finland)

  Studying Situated Communication with an Embodied Agent
Ipke Wachsmuth (University of Bielefeld, Germany)

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