ICCS 2006

5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science 

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada        July 26, 2006

Introduction to the 5th ICCS 
(in the Asian-Pacific region)

We are pleased to announce that the 5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science (in the Asian-Pacific region) will take place in Vancouver, Canada, at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, July 26, 2006. This part of the proceedings holds the papers for the workshops and symposia talks as well as the posters presented at the conference. This conference will occur in conjunction of the 28th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society at the same venue, extending to July 29, 2006. 

This is the Asian-Pacific version of the international series of the conferences in cognitive science. Cognitive science pursues a scientific understanding of the mind through all available methodologies, notably those of anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, education, linguistics, learning sciences, logic, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, or other, newly developing methodologies that are most appropriate to promote the science. The width is represented in the titles of the workshops and symposia, as well as of the posters. 

This is the fifth conference of such an endeavor, following the ones held in Korea (1997), Japan (1999), China (2001), and Australia (2003). This conference is structured to hold ten workshops/symposia to represent current interests and cutting edge thoughts from Asia-Pacific regions, followed by 85 poster presentations by members of cognitive science societies worldwide. 

As Dr. Sun mentions in the introduction to CogSci2006, organizing the conference is only possible with the help from the committees and the societies involved in organizing ICCS. To make this joint event happen, the International Cognitive Science Society, the Japanese Cognitive Science Society, and the Korean Society for Cognitive Sciences worked together, and each played some critical roles, which I deeply appreciate. 

In addition, I would like to thank Wayne Gray, Ron Sun, Chungmin Lee, Sook Whan Cho, Kyungo Soo Do, Koici Hasida, Akira Utsumi, Tom Ward and Kevin Gluck for their special efforts to organize the two jointly happening conferences; James Stewart for the reliable support of the submission/reviewing software, and Lisa Tolles for her technical support for putting all the papers into this proceedings..

And above all, I too extend my gratitude to all the authors, the presenters, and the attendees of ICCS2006 for making it a success.

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Naomi Miyake

ICCS2006 Steering Committee Members

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Charles Ling
CHOI Key-Sun
CHO Sook Whan
CHUNG Chansup
DO Kyungo Soo

KAKEHI Kazuhiko
LEE Chungmin
LEE Jung-Moo
Peter Slezak
TAKUBO Yukinori