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CogSci 2009 Organizing and Program Committees

Award winners



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2009 Paper Awards

Marr Prize

The Marr Prize, named in honor of the late David Marr, is awarded to the best student paper at the conference. All student first authors were eligible for the Marr Prize for the best student paper. The Marr Prize includes an honorarium of $1,000 and is co-sponsored by The Cognitive Science Society and Elsevier.

The winner of the 2009 Marr Prize for Best Student Paper is:

Jennifer B. Misyak
Morten H. Christiansen
J. Bruce Tomblin

Statistical Learning of Nonadjacencies Predicts On-line Processing of Long-Distance Dependencies in Natural Language

Computational Modeling Prizes

Four prizes worth $1,000 each are awarded for the best full paper submissions to CogSci 2009 that involve computation cognitive modeling. The four prizes represent the best modeling work in the areas of perception/action, language, higher-level cognition, and applied cognition.

The winners of the 2009 Computational Modeling Prizes are:

Applied Cognition

Raj M. Ratwani and J. Gregory Trafton

Developing a Predictive Model of Postcompletion Errors

This prize sponsored by Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) and the Cognitive Science Society


Rosemary A. Cowell, David E. Huber, and Garrison W. Cottrell

Virtual Brain Reading: A Connectionist Approach to Understanding fMRI

This prize sponsored by the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam


Mark Andrews and Gabriella Vigliocco

Learning Semantic Representations with Hidden Markov Topics Models

This prize sponsored by the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam

Higher-level cognition

Christopher Crick and Brian Scassellati

Intention-based Robot Control in Social Games

This prize sponsored by the School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Groningen)

Cognition and Student Learning (CaSL) Prize

The Cognition and Student Learning (CaSL) Prize is an honorarium of $1,000 that is awarded to the best paper on research conducted on a topic directly related to cognitive science, educational practice, and subject matter learning. This prize is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences.

The winner of the 2009 Cognition and Student Learning Prize is:

G. Tanner Jackson, Rebekah H. Guess, and Danielle S. McNamara

Assessing Cognitively Complex Strategy Use in an Untrained Domain

Student Travel Awards

Travel awards have been provided to students whose papers were accepted as oral presentations and who indicated a need for travel funding. The Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation generously sponsored $10,000 for student travel awards for excellent papers.

The 2009 Travel Awards went to:

Daniel Sternberg
Jennifer Misyak
Michael C. Frank
Jennifer A. Sturm
Morteza Dehghani
K. Schloss
David J. Lobina
Kinga Morsanyi
Drew Hendrickson
John Willits
Christopher Crick
Andrew Maas
Moritz Mueller
Michael Mack
Patricia Reeder
Naomi Feldman
Daniel Belenky
Shinwoo Kim
Kristie Fisher
Jennifer Roche

NSF Travel Awards

The National Science Foundation sponsored travel awards to 80 US students and recent PhD recipients.

Awards Committee

Richard Catrambone (Chair), Bruce Burns, Gary Dell, Jeff Elman, Brian Gane, Mary Hegarty, Andrew Howes, Boicho Kokinov, Marsha Lovett, Jean McKendree, Laura Novick, Fred Paas, David Peebles, Alexander Renkl, Dario Salvucci, Katharina Scheiter, Chris Schunn, Tamara van Gog.

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