Role of Philosophy and Qualitative Education as a Fact of the Capable of Removing Social Tension on a World Scale


Today the philosophy (in all developed countries of the world) has formulated main principles of construction scientifically-educational programs, and it is: 1. Scientifically-educational program should give the chance to the person to develop till last days his lives; 2. The pupil in the course of material development should surpass the teacher. Also there are 7 principals teaching: 1. Give children the opportunity for self-discovery. [Give them a chance to discover themselves.] 2. Make the children meet with triumph and defeat. [See to it that they experience both success and defeat.] 3. Give the children the opportunity of self-effacement in the common cause. [See to it that they have the chance to forget themselves in the pursuit of a common cause.] 4. Provide periods of silence. [See to it that there are periods of silence.] 5. Train the imagination. [Train the imagination, the ability to participate and plan.] 6. Make games important but not predominant. [Take sports and games seriously, but only as part of the whole.] 7. Free the sons of the wealthy and powerful from the enervating sense of privilege. [Free them of the rich and influential parents and from the paralysing influence of wealth and privilege.] Hundred percentage performances specified above positions not probably is clear, but the organization of educational process putting before self the highest lath, gives to a society and the certain state the generation having high intelligence, culture and highly professional experts. The society, in which the formed youth grows, protects itself from social intensity. If to look and analyze a situation in the developed countries where such system works it is possible to see, that social intensity arises only from circle of immigrants or socially unsuccessful layer which has not got due education. It is obvious, that the people who have got good education, have also a quite good prosperity, they feel full citizens of the given state, are proud, that they live in this country, at them the highest indicator of patriotism and to it is what to lose. If to look at the countries where the population lives on the verge or behind a poverty side it is visible, that they represent not simply social danger, but these are the centers of confrontations, as internal character, and in world scales. It is very easy to operate to a small group of extremists the whole people and the nations which formation is on a low level. Uneducated people, who have nothing to lose, are capable for the sake of the leaders, the god and other slogans to go on self-sacrifice, destruction of other people and to threaten the world community. Russia is a multinational country with various faiths and religious currents and represents a breadboard model of world culture with various sites at the world; here there are all elements inherent for the countries from a high level of development before poor existence. Within the limits of the national project Russia has proclaimed the intention to introduce principles of a quality education which should solve the basic problems of social intensity.

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