The interface between language and thought: Current directions.


The symposium showcases new research across a range of fields and using a variety of methodologies that address the complexities of the interactions between linguistic processing and cognition. Much recent research has demonstrated that language and cognition interact at a variety of levels (e.g. Roberson, Pak & Hanley, 2008), but also that there are limits to the possible effects of language on cognition (e.g.Majid, Boster & Bowerman, 2008). All six speakers and both moderators currently investigate this relationship in more than one area of cognition and bring a wide perspective to the topic. The symposium seeks both to illuminate and to broaden an ongoing debate within Cognitive Science as to the extent to which linguistic processing influences and interacts with perception and classification. The presented research also addresses the issue of the extent to which human categorization is flexible.

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