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CogSci 2007
The 29th Annual Conference 
of the Cognitive Science Society

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
August 1-4, 2007

Table of Contents

Invited & Plenary Talks

Plenary Talk: Statistical Semantic Representations (Page 1)
Walter Kintsch (University of Colorado)

Plenary Talk: Is Cognitive Science the Right Method for AI? (Page 2)
John E. Laird (University of Michigan)

Heineken Prize Talk: The Image of Complexity (Page 3)
John R. Anderson (Carnegie Mellon University)

Rumelhart Prize Talk: On Words and Dinosaur Bones: Where is meaning? (Page 4)
Jeff Elman (University of California, San Diego)

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Publication-Based Presentations

Massive Redeployment and the Evolution of Cognition (Page 7)
Michael L. Anderson (Franklin & Marshall College & University of Maryland)

The Nature of Belief Inhibition in Thinking: How Reasoning Impairs Memory (Page 8)
Wim De Neys (University of Leuven)
Samuel Franssens (University of Leuven)

SNIF-ACT: A Cognitive Model of User Navigation on the World Wide Web (Page 9)
Wai-Tat Fu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Peter Pirolli (Palo Alto Research Center)

Recovery from Brain Damage: The Role of Exemplar Typicality within Categories (Page 10)
Swathi Kiran (University of Texas at Austin)

Varieties of Problem Solving in a Unified Cognitive Architecture (Page 11)
Pat Langley (Arizona State University)

Attention as a Pecking Chicken: The Consequences of Change Blindness for Our Understanding of Real-World Vision (Page 12)
Daniel T. Levin (Vanderbilt University)

Multimodal Abduction External Semiotic Anchors and Hybrid Representations (Page 13)
Lorenzo Magnani (Sun Yat-sen University)

Developing Question Asking Skills through Collaboration (Page 14)
Naomi Miyake (Chukyo University)
Kaname Shiga (Chukyo University)
Hajime Shirouzu (Chukyo University)

Color Naming is Near Optimal (Page 15)
Terry Regier (University of Chicago)
Paul Kay (International Computer Science Institute)
Naveen Khetarpal (University of Chicago)

An Integrated Approach to Modeling Concurrent Multitasking (Page 16)
Dario D. Salvucci (Drexel University)
Niels A. Taatgen (Carnegie Mellon University)

The Principle of Charity in Interpreting Scientific Theory: A Meta-Theoretical Polemic Against Theoretical Polemics (Page 17)
Walter Schroyens (University of Gent)

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Symposia Papers

Cognitive Science and Student Learning in the Classroom (Page 19)
Elizabeth Albro (Institute of Education Sciences)
Mari Strand Cary (Carnegie Mellon University)
David Klahr (Carnegie Mellon University)
Stephanie Siler (Carnegie Mellon University)
Cressida Magaro (Carnegie Mellon University)
Junlei Li (Carnegie Mellon University)
John Wagster (Vanderbilt University)
Jason Tan (Vanderbilt University)
Yanna Wu (Vanderbilt University)
Gautam Biswas (Vanderbilt University)
Dan Schwartz (Stanford University)
Barry Gholson (The University of Memphis)
Bent Morgan (The University of Memphis)
Arthur C. Graesser (The University of Memphis)
Josh Brittingham (The University of Memphis)
Shana K. Carpenter (University of California at San Diego)
Hal Pashler (University of California at San Diego)
Doris Alvarez (University of California at San Diego)

Fostering Transfer of Knowledge in Education Settings (Page 21)
Elizabeth Albro (U.S. Department of Education)
David Uttal (Northwestern University)
Judy DeLoache (University of Virginia)
Jennifer A. Kaminski (Ohio State University)
Vladimir M. Sloutsky (Ohio State University)
Andrew F. Heckler (Ohio State University)
Bethany Rittle-Johnson (Vanderbilt University)
Jon Star (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)
Ji Son (Indiana University)

Using Cognitive Science to Improve Reading Instruction and Reading Comprehension in School-Aged Learners (Page 23)
Elizabeth R. Albro (U.S. Department of Education)
Carol McDonald Connor (Florida State University)
Frederick J. Morrison (University of Michigan)
Barry Fishman (University of Michigan)
Thomas Landauer (University of Colorado)
Michael R. Vitale (East Carolina University)
Nancy R. Romance (Florida Atlantic University)
Jim Collins (University at Buffalo)

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Cognitive Science in the Design of Graphical Images and Interfaces (Page 25)
Brian Fisher (Simon Fraser University)
W. Bradford Paley (Columbia University and Information Esthetics)
Zenon Pylyshyn (Rutgers University)
Ronald A. Rensink (University of British Columbia)
Barbara Tversky (Stanford University)

Semantics in the Wild (Page 27)
Robert J. Glushko (University of California at Berkeley)
Paul P. Maglio (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Teenie Matlock (University of California at Merced)
Lawrence W. Barsalou (Emory University)

Complex Systems and the Cognitive Sciences: Potential for Pervasive Theoretical and Research Implications? (Page 29)
Michael J. Jacobson (Nanyang Technical University)
Robert Goldstone (Indiana University)
Micki Chi (University of Pittsburgh)
Dor Abrahamson (University of California at Berkeley)
Manu Kapur (Nanyang Technical University)
William J. Clancey (NASA/Ames Research Center)

Rumelhart Symposium: Language as a Dynamical System: In Honor of Jeff Elman (Page 31)
Ping Li (University of Richmond)
Gerry Altmann (University of York)
Mary Hare (Bowling Green State University)
Ping Li (University of Richmond)
Ken McRae (University of Western Ontario)
Kim Plunkett (Oxford University)

Immediate Interactive Behavior — How Embodied and Embedded Cognition Uses and Changes the World to Achieve its Goals (Page 33)
Richard A. Carlson (The Pennsylvania State University)
Wayne D. Gray (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Alex Kirlik (University of Illinois & Beckman Institute)
David Kirsh (University of California at San Diego)
Stephen J. Payne (University of Manchester)
Hansjörg Neth (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

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When Social and Cognitve Perspectives Blur: The Case of Developing Expertise in Science and Engineering (Page 35)
Susannah B. F. Paletz (NASA Ames Research Center)
Christopher R. Bearman (NASA Ames Research Center)
Irene Tollinger (NASA Ames Research Center)
Christian Schunn (University of Pittsburgh)
Gregory Feist (San Jose State University)
Michael Gorman (University of Virginia)

Making Extra- and Intra-Disciplinary Collaboration Work (Page 37)
Thomas J. Palmeri (Vanderbilt University)
Isabel Gauthier (Vanderbilt University)
Christian Schunn (University of Pittsburgh)
John T. Bruer (The James S. McDonnell Foundation)
James L. McClelland (Stanford University)
Robert L. Goldstone (Indiana University)

Cognitive Decision Theory: Developing Models of Real-World Decision Behavior (Page 39)
Timothy J. Pleskac (Indiana University)
Michael R. Dougherty (University of Maryland)
Jerome Busemeyer (Indiana University)
Jörg Rieskamp (Max Planck Institue for Human Development)
Josh Tenenbaum (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Gray Matters: Philosophical Thoughts on the Cognitive Neurosciences (Page 41)
Sara Waller (Case Western Reserve University)
Peter Whitehouse (Case Western Reserve University)
Chris Meyers (University of Southern Mississippi)

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