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CogSci 2007
The 29th Annual Conference 
of the Cognitive Science Society

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
August 1-4, 2007

Table of Contents


Quantum Information Processing Theory (Page 43)
Jerome R. Busemeyer (Indiana University)
Zheng Wang (Ohio State University)

A Hands-on Soar Tutorial (Page 45)
John E. Laird (CSE Building)

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Modeling Using Leabra In PDP++ (Page 47)
David C. Noelle (University of California at Merced)

ACT-R Tutorial (Page 49)
Niels A. Taatgen (Carnegie Mellon University)
Hedderik van Rijn (University of Groningen)

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Interactive Computer-Based Activities for Undergraduate Cog Sci Instruction: Training in their Use & Exploring Future Directions in their Development and Dissemination (Page 51)
David Leech (Illinois State University)
Peter Bradley (McDaniel College)
Gary Bradshaw (Mississippi State University)
Ruth Eberle (Informatics Building)
Kenneth Livingston (Vassar College)
Neil Stillings (Hampshire College)

Psychocomputational Models of Human Language Acquisition (PsychoCompLA-2007) (Page 53)
William Gregory Sakas (Hunter College)
David Guy Brizan (City University of New York)

Workshop on Analogies: Integrating Multiple Cognitive Abilities (AnICA07) (Page 55)
Angela Schwering (Institute for Cognitive Science)
Ulf Krumnack (Institute for Cognitive Science)
Kai-Uwe Kühnberger (Institute for Cognitive Science)
Helmar Gust (Institute for Cognitive Science)

Report on the Cognition and Culture Workshop (Page 57)
M. Afzal Upal (Occidental College)

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