Experimental Examination of Feature Emergence in Metaphor Understanding with Consideration for Individual Differences


The purpose of this study is to clarify the mechanism of feature emergence within the process of understanding metaphors of the form "A(target) like B(vehicle)" based on model simulation and psychological experiments. Feature emergence refers to low-salient features of a target and a vehicle being emphasized in the metaphor understanding process((Nueckles&Janetzko, 1997)(Becker,1997)et al.). However, previous studies have not examined the mechanism of feature emergence in terms of individual differences. In this study, a psychological experiment is conducted using multiple model simulation results obtained with various parameter settings in order to clarify what kinds of metaphor can be understood when numerous features emerge. The experimental results indicate that within the understanding process for metaphors that are low in terms of their conventionality and understandability there is a great deal of feature emergence.

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