Motivation effect of instructional manuals


Suppose that you grab an instructional manual, you may glance over some of the pages to determine whether it looks interesting enough to read carefully. Such manuals generally consist of some particular modules including captions (or titles), texts, illustrations, and pictures. This study examined whether each module enhances motivation to read. Participants were required to glance over a page of a disaster prevention manual for two seconds and to answer questions as to motivation (“Did the page motivate you to read?”) and self-efficacy (“Did the page look easy to understand?“) on a five-point scale. Results showed that captions, illustrations, and pictures enhanced motivation and that color graphics enhanced motivation more than black-and-white ones. Results of the structural equation modeling analysis revealed that captions, illustrations, pictures, and color graphics had both direct and indirect effects through self-efficacy to motivation but that captions had less direct effect.

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