Persistence of Hypotheses in Schizotypy: When Red Remains Orange for a While.


The Bias Against Disconfirmatory Evidence (BADE) is the tendency to maintain a belief against opposite information and is one of the mechanisms that has been linked with the formation and maintenance of delusion in schizophrenia. The goal of this study was to assess this tendency in a nonclinical population with high schizotypy (classified according to SPQ, Spanish version). For this purpose, we devised a new and more sensitive measure than the traditional one; capable of measuring tiny traces of BADE in schizotypy. Two experiments were carried out to verify this. In Experiment 1, with a traditional instrument to measure the BADE in schizophrenia, we did not find significant difference between groups. In Experiment 2, BADE was measured with our new task. Reaction time (RT) analyses showed significant differences between high and low schizotypal participants. This result highlights the similarities between both, schizophrenic disorder and schizotypal trait, with respect to the presence of BADE. It also illustrates how suitable our instrument is to study this phenomenon in a nonclinical population.

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