A Discriminant Analysis on Language Comprehension and Theory of Mind in Schizophrenia


A total of 23 Spanish-speaking inpatients and 23 healthy controls paralleled in age, sex, education and language dominance were assessed using 3 Theory of Mind (ToM) tasks (all consisting of both ToM-critical and -neutral items) and 6 Language Comprehension (LC) tasks (covering lexical, syntactic, and semantic-pragmatic language processing levels) in order to establish the implication of ToM in LC. A discriminant analysis has been carried out to examine the relative contribution of each variable to discriminate between patients and controls. The independent variables included in the analyses are those that evaluate ToM (they include 9 measures, 3 for ToM-critical items and 6 for ToM-neutral items) and those that evaluate LC (they include 6 measures, 3 for figurative LC –metaphors, ironies, and proverbs- and 3 for standard LC tasks with words, sentences, and paragraphs). Results show that the variables that best discriminate between patients and controls are those corresponding to the 3 ToM-critical items and to the 3 figurative LC tasks.

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