Bring Them Together: An Integrated View on Relation-Based Model and Feature-Based Model of Conceptual Combination


There are largely two different views on the process of conceptual combination; relation-based view and feature-based view. Recently, there is a rising consensus that these two apparently distinct views need to be integrated. If conceptual combination is one of the core cognitive processes by which human can extend their knowledge, it is appropriate to assume that there is no restriction in using various aspects, types, or contents of knowledge to combine concepts and the two different views can be seen as two different strategies or processes which are provoked by accessing different aspects of knowledge; relational knowledge for relation-based strategy and internal knowledge of concepts for feature-based strategy. In order to verify this assumption, we performed an experiment and the overall results of the experiment showed that the difference of strategies which is involved to interpret compound words results in the difference of interpretation patterns between experimental conditions.

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