That's How it Goes with Fictive Motion


That’s How it Goes with Fictive Motion Fictive motion sentences, such as The road goes into the hills, include a motion verb but express no actual motion. They are known to include simulated motion that can be influenced by terrain and other factors (e.g., road that goes through a bumpy field versus a smooth field) (Matlock, 2004; Richardson & Matlock, 2007). In English, fictive motion sentences can include a manner verb, for instance, race in The road races into the hills. The current work investigates whether and how manner information, such as speed, can influence fictive motion comprehension. Participants drew a sketch to depict a fictive motion sentence that featured a fast, slow, or neutral manner verb (e.g., a picture of a road and hills for The road goes into the hills). The results, for instance, greater road length with fast manner verbs, suggest that manner can influence fictive motion comprehension under certain conditions.

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