The Effects of Verbal and Graphical Recall Strategies on Text Retention and Text Comprehension


This study investigated the effects of a verbal (reciting) and a graphical (concept mapping) post-reading, recall strategy on text retention and text comprehension. Both strategies were contrasted to a control strategy, namely, restudying. Based on findings in the testing-effect literature, it was assumed that both recall groups would outperform the control group on long-term text retention and text comprehension but not on text application. This was partially confirmed. Results show that restudying and reciting a text yield higher retention test performance than drawing a concept map of a text regardless of retention interval (i.e., 5 min or 1 week). Furthermore, the five-minute group outperforms the one-week group on both the retention test and the comprehension test but not on the application test. So, the recall strategies had differential effects on text retention in favor of reciting. In addition, both retention and comprehension were affected by forgetting while application was not.

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