Alignment of Spatial Perspective


Alignment of Spatial Perspective The interactive alignment framework (Pickering & Garrod, 2004) posits that much of language production in a dialogic situation can be explained via automatic priming mechanisms. Whereas previous studies have shown lexical priming and syntactic priming effects in confederate studies of alignment between interlocutors, little is known about conceptual alignment. This confederate paradigm study examined alignment of spatial perspective building upon a recent finding that speaker’s choices between a route and a survey perspective can be primed by a preceding speaker’s bias. The results revealed that participants’ responses on an early experimental block were indeed affected by confederate priming. The alignment effect, however, did not emerge on the later experimental block. Spatial perspective alignment appears to occur when a speaker encounters consistent perspective choices by the interlocutor and is weakened if the interlocutor lacks a stable preference or switches perspectives.

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